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    In first thinking about a sculpture that would reflect mathematics, one of the fields of expertise of the late Professor Emeritus Robert M. Stark, Ph.D., the form of the Möbius strip came to mind: an infinite surface having only one edge,formed by twisting one end of a rectangular strip 180 degrees and joining it to the other end. Wanting a more expansive form, I cut the möbius apart and multiplied its ribbon to create a sculpture that interacts with the space around
it. Imagine, as you look at the work installed in this atrium, that you are seeing only one microcosmic portion of infinite patterns of nature invisible to us, from the sub-atomic, to the astronomic.

    This piece is composed of over 20 ribbon-like pieces. Each is individually hand fabricated
with a core of bending mahogany and a surface of bending poplar.
Only when I joined these to create longer spiraling waves did I see where they would emerge from the surrounding wall. Variations of blue complement the natural wood and reinforce the visual movement of the interlacing ribbons.


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